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Sustainable travel - For the love of nature

Traveling is fun and broadens the horizon. Tourism is booming worldwide, but we often forget that our desire to travel can also have a negative impact on the residents of the holiday destination and our environment. Researchers at the University of Sydney have calculated that global tourism is responsible for eight percent of human's total CO2 emissions. Of course, giving up traveling altogether doesn't help, but gentle tourism can also be really fun!

Nachhaltiges Reisen


Sustainability is not just a trend, it has developed into a worthwhile lifestyle that offers people a good feeling and an alternative worth living. Sustainable tourism should in no way restrict the desire to travel. It is more about traveling more consciously, but at the same time more exciting and healthier. All that is needed is a slight rethink and to direct one's own awareness of essential things such as nature experiences, healthy culinary delights and slowing down.

The plane as a mode of transport is the most environmentally harmful way to travel. A return trip by plane from Berlin to Mallorca has a climate impact of 722 kg CO2 per person. This corresponds to the amount of emissions that we generate for half a year of driving. It is certainly not objectionable if we want to get to know the world, even without flying shame, but as with many things, the healthy measure plays an important role here. Ultimately, there is still the possibility to compensate for your flight by contributing to a climate protection project, most airlines offer this already.

Why always wander into the distance - the good is yet close?!

Holidays in your own country are very much in vogue because time, nerves and CO2 emissions are saved and a higher safety standard is usually guaranteed. People who also want to pay attention to sustainability when traveling can also find numerous great holiday destinations in their home country. The best thing about a break in your own country is the possibility of a climate-friendly arrival by train, bus, car or maybe even by bike or e-bike. Also the vacation arrangement with the many possibilities for relaxation or action-rich experiences in nature are mostly absolutely given.

Where does your next sustainable journey lead?

No matter where you are headed - many things can be experienced and enjoyed sustainably on holiday, without sacrificing comfort. Also read our tips for a sustainable vacation trip.

Mädels Städtetrip
Spaß am Reisen
Romantik am See


With our proposals for sustainable travel, which corresponds to gentle tourism, we would like to inspire you to behave more attentively even in the most beautiful time of the year and to appreciate and preserve nature.

  • Choose destinations that are not too far away: a nearby holiday destination saves time and protects the environment. Air travel and cruises in particular are very harmful to the environment. When traveling less than 700 km, use environmentally friendly means of transport at best.

  • Avoid all inclusive vacation: socially responsible travel also means moving out of the hotel and discovering the region's restaurants, bars and cafés. The local population should benefit from their guests.

  • Put together your vacation yourself, instead of booking a package tour: Even if you need a little more preparation, a trip that is put together according to environmental aspects promises more experiences and increases anticipation.

  • When booking a holiday, pay attention to the sustainability seal: the accommodation should not be judged solely on the basis of price and equipment. More info on

  • Only pack as much as you need: whether by car, ship or plane - the more weight the luggage has, the more gas and energy is consumed and thus CO2 is produced

  • Google Maps and online travel blogs instead of maps and travel guides: digitisation enables us to act sustainably and conserves resources

  • Use the bike or public transport on site: instead of your own car or rental car, the area can also be explored in an environmentally friendly way

  • Save electricity: in the hotel room or in the apartment there is no need for unnecessary light or air conditioning to work

  • Safe water: the faucet in the accommodation does not have to run unnecessarily, e.g. brushing teeth or lathering in the shower; towels can also be used a second time or even longer

  • Avoid waste and dispose of properly: when shopping on site - avoid plastic and choose regional products - and handle your own waste responsibly

  • Compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions: many operators, means of transport and accommodation offer the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions through a non-profit organization. With a donation, you contribute, among other things, to generating electricity from renewable energies.

  • Animal welfare and plant diversity: preliminary research on protected animals and plants at the holiday destination can help to be mindful of the flora and fauna on site. Also avoid animal shows if they are accompanied by cruelty to animals. Avoid endangered animal and plant species and protected cultural assets when buying souvenirs.

  • Respect for the beliefs, customs and traditions of other cultures: respect religious buildings as holy places and pay attention to clothing and restraint. Always ask for permission when taking pictures.

In summary, the term "sustainable tourism" can be described according to a definition in the environmental database as follows: "Tourism is considered sustainable if it enables all resources to be used in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be met and at the same time cultural integrity, essential ecological processes and biodiversity are preserved.” An environmentally friendly recovery is given when your own holiday goals can be implemented sustainably and at the same time no damage to culture and the environment is left behind, on the contrary: the region should even be encouraged through vacation.

A hotel booking on makes this possible to a very high degree, because the certification with the GreenSign sustainability seal or other recognized labels as well as the great focus on regionality and authenticity give you the certainty that you will find sustainable holiday experiences here without sacrificing comfort or having to accept high rates.

We wish you lots of fun and many unforgettable experiences on your next sustainable trip!


Watch out for surfers and kite fans! The North Sea is a true surfers paradise with ideal conditions - and a much more sustainable travel destination than the beaches of Australia, Spain or America! The North Sea coast is suitable as a nature experience for mudflat hikers, as a sun destination for beach holidaymakers and also as an action hotspot for windsurfers. You can board the coast at up to 45 kilometers per hour and have a wonderful view of dunes, harbors, lighthouses and bays. The hottest surf spots include Sylt, the island of Norderney, St. Peter-Ording and the Baltic Sea resort of Eckernförde. Numerous excellent water sports schools offer beginners an ideal introduction to this challenging and fun sport.

Nordsee Surfer Paradies


Especially in the last few years we have had great summer weather in Germany and it was usually even warmer than in the Balearic Islands! Another reason to choose our beautiful Baltic Sea over the Mediterranean is the versatility of the coast. Fine white sandy beaches alternate with legendary cliffs and unique lagoon shores. The possibilities for activities on the Baltic Sea are in no way inferior to those in Spain or Greece. Here you can go hiking, cycling, diving, surfing and there are numerous excursion destinations and cultural events available for colder days. Even in winter, the Baltic Sea has its charm and on a short wellness break you can combine relaxation in the pool and sauna with a walk on the beach in the fresh sea air. Sustainable and healthy!



Massage therapists in Germany also master a good Thai massage! Certainly, other cultures and unknown wellness experiences await us in the distance, but isn't all the relaxation lost on the long return journey? There are so many wellness hotels, health resorts and thermal baths here in the country that, in addition to taking a break from everyday life, also offer a beautiful environment for relaxing walks in healthy nature. The culinary diversity of the German regions is also huge and so you can also enjoy new taste experiences.

Sauna mit Ausblick


The Spreewald with its lagoon-like water labyrinth, unique in Europe, also offers a capital experience of nature in our country. This branched river landscape in the south of Brandenburg can be explored best and most environmentally friendly by boat, paddle boat, bike or while hiking. During a stay, you will get to know the interesting culture and delicious cuisine of the Sorbs and experience charming hospitality.


Our hotels are also close to the following other UNESCO biosphere reserves:

  • Hamburg Wadden Sea

  • Lower Saxony Wadden Sea

  • Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape

  • Black forrest


A holiday in the German low mountain ranges or in the foothills of the Alps promises action, natural spectacles and hiking dreams! Experience, for example, an exciting climb on the spectacular rocks of Saxon Switzerland, a fast ride with the megacipline at the Rappbodetalsperre in the Harz Mountains or an exciting hike in the rock labyrinth in the Fichtelgebirge. Climb the highest peaks, such as the 1,493-meter-high Feldberg in the Black Forest, the 1,215-meter-high Fichtelberg in the Ore Mountains or the 2,656-high Großer Krottenkopf in the Allgäu Alps. Mountain romance, idyllic river valleys and warm-hearted people await you in Germany's beautiful mountain regions.



The metropolises in Europe have a long and exciting history and can mostly be reached by train. Whether feelings of love in Paris, Nordic flair in Hamburg, variety of museums in Berlin, enjoyment of art in Dresden, castle romance in Potsdam, Bavarian traditions in Munich or architectural wealth in Leipzig - the cities in our latitudes have so much to offer.

deutsche Metropolen

There are also numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany. Our GreenLine Hotels are close to the following highlights:

  • Archaeological border complex Haithabu and Danewerk

  • traditional Ore Mountains

  • Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel with Chilehaus in Hamburg

  • Fagus plant in Alfeld

  • Classic Weimar

  • Collegiate Church, Castle and Old Town of Quedlinburg

  • Palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin

  • Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

We wish you many valuable and unforgettable experiences on your next trip with a clear conscience. Browse our website in the hotel search for the sustainably certified hotels and find your next travel destination!

If you would like to learn more about the "Green Lifestyle", we recommend you take a look at our sustainability tips.

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