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We love sustainability!

„Nothing is more powerful than an idea at the right time.“

© Victor Hugo

We recognized early that green travel is much more than just a trend and that the future viability of tourism can only be guaranteed with sustainable development.

Holidaymakers and business guests will find individual and environmentally friendly hotels on our booking platform. All hotels have been awarded sustainability certificates that are recognized internationally and by InfraCert - Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry.

In addition to travel booking, we also give tips for a sustainable lifestyle, provide information about new trends and encourage exciting time outs whether in the city or in the countryside.

We combine the desire to travel comfortably with a sustainable lifestyle.

We make an important contribution to environmental and climate protection and inspire people to think and act in an innovative, environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner.

Our guiding principle

The number of guests with a pronounced focus on sustainability continues to rise and ecological and sustainable management becomes a central task for the future of the hotel industry.

Sustainable tourism should not limit the desire to travel, but offers the chance to travel in a more conscious and at the same time eventful and healthier way. Many travelers face the challenge of finding accommodations that actually meet the most important sustainability criteria.

We offer guests a large selection of really sustainable hotels and at the same time we want to encourage other hoteliers and restaurateurs to increase their awareness of shared responsibility for environmentally friendly and socially responsible tourism.

We combine our passion for travel with modern, future-oriented and ecological corporate management.

Our mission

We want to inform and inspire people to consciously shape their travel behavior and lifestyle and to change it sustainably.

We are convinced that sustainable life and sustainable travel can be fun. In fact, it is often beneficial to health and does not have to result in loss of comfort and higher costs. We want to convey this to the travelers and encourage them to pay attention to resourcefulness and resource protection even on vacation.

Worth seeing travel destinations, a large selection of comfortable hotels with a diverse ambience, attractive offers combined with true sustainability should make guests want to go green and encourage them to choose more sustainable alternatives when planning their holiday and business trips. We do not want to teach or mission, we want to inform and inspire!

We are committed to the environment and strive for constant quality improvement while maintaining our naturalness and uniqueness.

Our values

„The most purposeful way to a peaceful coexistence is that of humanity.“

© Ernst Ferstl (*1955)

Our shared values are our guides, which set the right direction and determine our operating character. They are clearly defined and are borne by the employees:

  • Flat hierarchies, openness to new ideas and a fresh, happy team spirit shape our working life

  • We take care of our health with smoothydays and healthy breakfast and enable every team member to have an excellent work-life balance

  • Our goal is motivated employees who identify with the company and bring it forward with creativity, joy and commitment

  • We rely on an open, trusting, appreciative and tolerant approach

  • Respect and fairness towards all employees, customers and partners shape our daily cooperation

  • We support junior staff and give young people a chance and a voice - with regular student projects and our internship opportunities, we respectfully use the fresh ideas and sustainable creativity of the young generation

  • Economic success ensures the long-term existence of the company and that of our employees

  • Our profits are reinvested in improving our performance and expanding our sustainable engagement

  • We always achieve qualitative growth with constant adaptation and improvement of our services

  • We strive to be the best, never give up and sometimes to be brave and go unusual ways

  • We win the trust of our customers with honesty, transparency and inspiration

  • We see every advice or criticism as an opportunity

  • But we also know how to celebrate success

  • We have smart cost awareness, check all expenses and make intelligent, sustainable decisions, even for small, everyday things

  • It is our concern to adapt these standards to the latest findings and to constantly check them

We live sustainability with joy and commitment!

Kinder rennen über eine Wiese

Active, environmentally conscious and climate-friendly management is self-evident for us. Here, we see ourselves as a role model and we benefit from a large network of sustainable partners and innovative know-how.

With our team, the hoteliers, our partners and the public, we strive for a transparent and continuous sustainability dialogue.

We align our own operating processes to the principles of sustainability and have already taken the following measures:

  • We work almost paperless

  • Our office is PET free

  • We drive a hybrid company car with a solar roof

  • Our print products are produced carbon neutral

  • We compensate for the CO2 emissions of our website with our partner

  • We purchase green electricity

  • We communicate our sustainability concept across all channels

  • With a balanced scorecard, we develop our sustainability every year and keep putting our tasks to the test

Our sustainable commitment

We plant trees

We not only preach sustainability, we are also actively committed to environmental protection. Together with our partner Klimapatenschaft GmbH, which annually calls for a large-scale tree planting campaign, the GreenLine team plants 10,000 deciduous trees each year together with some hoteliers and other participants to enrich the groundwater.

Der erste Spatenstich
Bäume pflanzen für Trinkwasser
Team GreenLine Hotels

We support social projects

In addition to protecting the environment, social commitment is also very important to us. We want to counteract social inequality and do something good for others. So we also actively support the Paddel Kids e.V., which run non-profit holiday camps and also offer children from socially disadvantaged families the opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday in nature.

Trödelmarkt mit den GreenLine Hotels
Team Trödelmarkt
Our vision

„We have to reach for the stars if we want to reach the clouds.“

The primary goal of our entrepreneurial thinking and acting is a secure and successful future. We would like to continue to grow, increase our level of awareness, expand our partner network while maintaining and further improving our quality standard.

We increase the attractiveness of the represented hotels, provide impulses for compatible and gentle tourism and encourage sustainable travel. We support society in reducing its CO2 emissions without foregoing an eventful or relaxing vacation.

We create greater awareness of the ecological, economic and cultural effects of travel and at the same time are committed to the continuous improvement of travel options in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.

© 2023 GreenLine Hotels