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Sustainable tourism

Wanderlust & comfort with sustainable lifestyle

At we combine travel pleasure and comfort with a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable tourism offers the opportunity to travel in a more conscious and at the same time eventful and healthier way. Travelers are often faced with the challenge of finding accommodations that actually meet the most important criteria of sustainability. Seals and labels are an important guide.

We offer you a large selection of really sustainable hotels that exercise their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and provide comprehensive information about it.

Many hoteliers know that sustainability is of great importance for society and for a secure future and have developed a special awareness of shared responsibility for environmentally friendly and socially responsible tourism. They have recognized sustainability as an opportunity for positive change and combine their hospitality with modern, future-oriented and ecological corporate management. We want to bring you together with these hoteliers!

Find your ideal sustainable travel destination and happily return home with "green spirit"!

Sustainability in the hotel

Fortunately, more and more hoteliers are taking on the task of making a minor impact on the environment and are investing time and effort in making their hotel sustainable without sacrificing guest comfort. A recognized sustainability certificate helps travelers to recognize the sustainable commitment of a hotel. But what exactly does the hotel do to earn such a seal? We clarify:

How can I recognize sustainability in the hotel?

Many measures that a hotelier takes to sustainably set up his business can be seen directly by guests on site, including:

  • Vegan and vegetarian options on the menu

  • Use of seasonal and regional products or even organic food in the preparation of the dishes

  • Rental of bicycles and eBikes

  • Public transport tickets available or even included in the room rate

  • The presence of an e-filling station

  • Avoidance of plastic packaging, e.g. at breakfast

  • LED lamps in the building

  • Motion detectors outdoors and indoors

  • No minibars, kettles and coffee machines in the hotel rooms

  • Vegan or natural cosmetic products

  • The presence of an herb garden / greenhouse

  • Possibility to decide against room cleaning during the stay

What happens behind the scenes?

A comprehensive environmental management system also includes many measures that the guest cannot see directly, such as

  • Training for hotel employees for more sustainable awareness and engagement

  • Special contributions and appreciation for employees

  • Heating energy: cogeneration unit or district heating from waste incineration

  • Green electricity from solar energy, hydropower, bioenergy or photovoltaics

  • Social engagement and charity events

  • Corporate Health Management

  • CO2 compensation through investment in one or more climate protection project(s)

  • Extensive waste management system

  • Optimized supply chain - shorter delivery routes through regional providers

  • Energy management system / energy check with experts

  • Cooling concepts in the kitchen / first in first out

PS: The CO2 footprint of a hotel can also be a good indicator of sustainably committed hotel operations. If the hotel publicly states that it improves from year to year, it can be assumed that a lot will be done in terms of sustainability.

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